Gemma is an artist + graphic designer + roller skater based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia.

Her current projects include an existential, imaginary girl gang Vide Magmas, and a roller skate stuff brand Slayrmoon. All her projects are linked by a distinctive use of colour, style and subject. Her practice plays with graphics, designed objects, drawing, painting, immersive textile installations, animations, and interactive virtual spaces. She has a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications Major) from QCA and a Masters of Fine Art from RMIT.

The imaginary ‘girl-gang’ Vide Magmas are a compartmentalised depiction of self, Gemma’s own identity library, each a facet of a whole. Riffing on the pop-culture ideal of the social media age; the girl-gang, this is in contrast a ‘girl-gang’ of one, where Gemma, tongue-in-cheek, keeps her own company. Vide Magmas was created with an interest in the consequences of a growing merge between the digital realm and the physical. This project possesses a curiosity about the effect of this on the mechanics of identity. It has become a world building project that transforms Gemma’s identity into a sort of simulation in constant process, contemplating the possibilities that lie in the subconscious parts of the self, in the imaginary and in the science fiction. A virtual manifestation of identity that reflects the real and artificial back and forth until the boundary between is blurred.

Slayrmoon skate stuff collides the world and visual language of vide magmas with a real-world subculture in which Gemma has found her real-world ‘girl-gang’; roller skating. Slayrmoon is her skating alter-ego, like a combined mega-tron of Vide Magmas, manifested in designed objects that continue to overlay the imagined and the digital with the physical and the ‘real’.

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