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Digital illustration.


I had this dream in which I was digging things out of what I think was sand, or at least sandy soil. I think I started with my hands, this is how I know it was sandy, the grain of it between my fingers, but wet sand...gritty. When I got to it I pulled it out with a stick. It was encased in something like a half cracked egg, the top missing where the sand filled in. It took some effort to dislodge, made a satisfying pop when it gave. As I set it down I could appreciate it as a vessel of some kind, but maybe without a bottom...so...an unreliable vessel? Looking back in the hole I could see all this green gooey stuff - just as unnatural but very much organic, unlike the vessel which felt made.

A few hours after the dream Lewis sent me an amazing essay that was all about worldbuilding being a container and I learned about how the container was probably the first cultural object of humanity. Now I can’t stop thinking about containers, and feeling a little freaked out that I dreamed about containers before reading about them. Hmmm containers... this was a drawing I did of said container and weird dream vibe things the year before I made a container for my girl gang dreams.