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Rotoscope animation loops.


This work was part of the body of work generated during the Masters of Fine Art at RMIT. It preceeded the Vide Magmas project, but had begun to contemplate the mechanics of identity.

The three animation loops show depictions of the artist fidgeting, falling and feeling. As the title alludes, ‘Identity Recalibrating’ likens the shifting nature of identity to a kind of computer program. When the program encounters new information, events and non-events like a failing of physical or emotional integrity, or even times of stagnation, the programming is recalibrated. As computer technology advances, so to does our understanding of the human brain. The quest for true artificial intelligence requires knowledge of ourselves if we are ever to truly replicate us in artificial likeness. The eerie atmosphere of these bare-linework gifs reflects the discomfort the artist experiences when contemplating the future of humanity and identity if this knowledge is ever complete. We can already use technology to aid in our own reprogramming, sculpting our personality with social media algorithms and ever present portals. How will this grow in our near future and what will it mean for the mechanics of identity?