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360 digital illustrations, animations, 3D Unity environment.


This work is part of the ongoing Vide Magmas project, an imaginary girl gang of six characters, each a refracted piece of the artists identity. The Vide Magmas Clubhouse is an ongoing project, but this is a preview of the work so far.

The clubhouse is made up of three 360 degree two dimensional images that are stretched onto 3D spheres within a Unity environment. The project has been a series of firsts, and a great learning oportunity. It was my first time making these 360 images, working in Unity and learning c++ coding language.

There’s something vaguely eerie about early point and click computer game environments. The restrictive movement, confined to specific points in space as opposed to the free reign of contemporary first person, open world environments, is dreamlike. It’s like running in a dream, moving and experiencing just enough and just little enough as to feel the pull of mystery, of unsettling discord in contrast to the mundane experience of waking life. This is the magic of low-fi. It’s not until you notice the cracks in the pavement that you really notice the pavement. Until then it is just the everyday, the unnoticed. Lo-fi and lowbrow show you the cracks in the everyday and transforms it into the otherworldly and the magical. Suddenly you start to question the pavement, wonder how it got there, who decided it should be here and how it came to be.