GEMMA DAVIS is a practicing artist + designer based in Narrm/Melbourne, Australia. Her practice combines the intimate possibility of drawing, interactive animation, and immersive textile installation.
Inside Gemma's installations is the pastel pink world of an imaginary girl gang; Vide Magmas, each of its six members a refracted piece of the artist’s identity. The nonchalant characters propose the possibility of a feminine flaneur that is paralleled with the artists own journey of constructing and making. With her own visual grammar of objects; identities; colour; built space; her transparent paintings and projections overlay ‘real’ space with an ‘unreal’ parallel world.

Gemma's practice seeks to discover how constructing a micro culture around an artist can become a methodology for making and changing meaning. She asks how the formation of an imaginary girl gang and their world can become an incubation space for ideas about identity and cultural connections.